Thanks for asking, but there isn't much to share. I have been knocking around the internet since before speeds were practical for much image content let alone video. My photography hobby started in 2000 right as digital cameras started becoming a thing. I originally started to document stuff in compensation for my shoddy memory. As time has gone on however I have spent time honing my skills until I take some pretty decent photos.


I spend a lot of time trying to learn and make myself more knowledgeable in both technical and non-technical aspects of my life. I enjoy learning new software, but my even bigger passion is for non-technical skills. I find learning material that is truly new to me a joy. Taking yet another C++ or Photoshop class is almost always boring because I find I know 90% of the material and that remaining 10% usually isn't relevant or groundbreaking enough to be exciting. Things like sociology, art and business studies are so much more exciting to me because it actually adds so much new content to my understanding.


I have a great family with the cutest kids and the most fun wife I could ask for. One day my dream is to retire and spend all of my kids school breaks travelling to broaden their horizons and give them an understanding of the world that most people lack.